Please Be Prepared for:

  • To have 2 forms of ID
  • To alot the time to fully complete the Orientation and Drug Testing process. 

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Orientation Overview:

  • Will last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Attendees will be given a full explanation of the current positions.
  • Attendees will do a one on one interview with a hiring coach.
  • Conditional offers will be given to those attendees who pass the interview process and background checks.
  • A Criminal Background Check will be done on site.
    • Any Felony has to be older than 7 yrs
    • No crimes ever for Sex, Child Abuse, against Law Enforcement
  • Conditional Hires will be immediately sent for Drug Testing at our clinic which is 30 minutes away.
    • Please arrange for your transportation and understand it might take you an hour or so at the clinic

Orientation  -Sites and Dates