Our vehicles are connected to our dispatch center via on-board MDT and Tablets.  All of our vehicles are tracked with GPS technology and on board cameras.  The vehicle fleet is both owned and leased with a 24 hour 365 day a week drive schedule and dispatch/call center operation. Our vehicles use a variety of fueling sources including, Propane, Diesel and Gas.

MyCity maintains A-X insurance coverage with an A.M. Best Company.
All of our drivers are highly trained in safety, ADA passenger sensitivity, and defensive driving.  Additionally, our drivers all have clear criminal background histories and are randomly drug tested, based on DOT/FTA.

MyCity Transportation is DBE Certified in all 50 states.

Who We Are

MyCity Transportation, Inc. began operations in 2004 to provide passenger transportation to various sectors.  We are a professional transportation management and operations firm, engaged in both the public and private sector transportation. 

MyCity Transportation is a self-contained full service provider.  We do in house order taking and tracking along with 24 hours a day 7 days a week dispatching.